Learn How To Make $200K+/Yr In Your Real Estate Business

  • The BEST training and mentorship program in the business
  • The most competitive commission splits to help you run your business
  • Leadership with over 30 years+ real estate experience
  • Certified TREC Instructor Broker team
  • Access to over 10 coworking spaces in the Metroplex
  • Proof of success with over 135+ positive reviews on google and facebook


VIVO Realty is a Texas family-owned residential real estate brokerage created in 2011 as an answer to the big-box, "one-size-fits-all" approach to brokerage management.

As agents, we were frustrated with the dated brokerage model that couldn't keep up with our needs, so we decided to do something about it, and in 2011 VIVO was born.

In the words of Ferdinand Porsche (the creator of the iconic Porsche 911) "I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself."

Simply put, it's our mission:

To create the best real estate company in the world where expert agents maximize profits, sell more real estate, and love to work.

Currently, VIVO Realty has over 60 agents and growing with our HQ located in Plano, TX, and over ten coworking locations that our agents can work from.


  • 100% commission*
  • Zero office fees. Keep your money.
  • E&O + core tools + personal website + IDX search included.
  • Cancel anytime guarantee. No long-term contracts.
  • Ongoing training + On-Demand training
  • Marketing + Branding Support
  • Over 11 DFW locations to work from
  • TREC Certified Broker contract and coaching support
  • Equity sharing. We win. You win.


Our Certified TREC Instructor Broker team are also Verl Workman Certified Facilitators. Each new agent will undergo Verl Workman's four mastery programs and be personally coached by our Facilitators.

  • AMP, Admin Mastery Program
  • BAM, Buyer Agent Mastery
  • SLAM, Seller Listing Agent Mastery
  • RAMP, Rising Agent Mastery Program

Each one of these modules will give you tools that can change your business, make you more successful, and help you get your life back.

Our Spaces

Our HQ is located in Plano 5200 McDermott Rd. #100 Plano, TX 75024



Are you a full-service brokerage?

Yes, we are a full-service brokerage. We removed unnecessary expenses and gave you the core tools, support, and tech you need. Think Trader Joe's... By cutting our costs, we can offer you membership plans that fit your business best.

Can I work from any of the offices? 

Yes, that is the best part of our model. Each of our offices' functions as a coworking space that you can work from.

Do you accept part-time or virtual agents? 

Yes, absolutely! To be successful in real estate, a full-time commitment is always recommended, but we will work with part-time agents to bring them to a success level that fits their circumstances. 

Are you a virtual agent who doesn't need access to the office? No problem.

Can I brand myself?  

Yes, we have a marketing and tech team to help you with any of your marketing and branding needs.

Do you offer ongoing training?

Yes! Our calendars are packed full of online and face-to-face training opportunities. Our co-Founders are also TREC Certified Instructors and our broker, David Maez teaches at Champions Real Estate School. 

How much will I save?

On average our agents will save $12,000 or more annually compared to other brokerages.  

What if I don't live near any of the offices?  

Not a problem. You'll never be required to come into the office, and there are plenty of training opportunities online. The offices are great to work from if you need to or meet a client but not necessary. 

We are also opening new locations so check with us, and we may be coming near you!  

Do you have coaching programs for agents?

Yes. We have multiple options for coaching. Traditional coaching programs for new agents, as well as advanced coaching for seasoned agents.

100% Guarantee: Our model will not be beat by other brokerages.

We are very committed to your success! If you're not 100% satisfied with our model you can cancel at anytime.

Call now at 214-705-7705 or click below to join now!